Mission, Values and History

Grounded in IHM tradition and charism since 1920.

Immaculata University Mission Values History

Immaculata’s Mission

Immaculata University, a Catholic academic community, founded and sponsored by the Sisters, Servants of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, is committed to scholarship, formation of the whole person for leadership and service, and empowerment of all to seek truth, promote justice and engage in dialogue between faith and culture.

Our Identity

伊玛丘拉塔大学的教职员工和管理人员 知识,个人,专业和精神的教育者和成长推动者. When we consider that IU is “committed to scholarship, formation of the whole person for leadership and service, and empowerment of all to seek truth, 促进正义,参与信仰与文化之间的对话,” we choose holistic methodologies that are rooted in our core values. Immaculata帮助学生满足当代大学的财务需求 education and 支持学生获得奖学金和在线学习 这可以促进他们的学术目标和地理限制.

Immaculata incorporates the Catholic Intellectual Tradition 融入到云顶糖果派对下载的教育方法中,通过这种方法,对真理的探索从信仰和理性中获得意义, 它根植于云顶糖果派对下载对上帝眷顾万物的信仰.

The University embodies a heritage of more than 100 years of leadership and service of the Sisters, Servants of the Immaculate Heart of Mary. This legacy preserves the treasures of scholarship, 同时整合不同的学科,为未来的领导者做好准备,为人类服务.

Core Values

Immaculata’s mission is supported by five core values: faith, community, knowledge, virtue and service.

  • Faith: Immaculata大学通过宣扬福音信息和邀请社区所有成员寻求真理和意义来表达其天主教身份.
  • Community: With respect for diversity, 大学力求包容,同时努力培养精神, moral, intellectual and social/physical wellbeing of all its members.
  • Knowledge: Immaculata大学指出了一种知识,这种知识在反思和对真理的真正追求中蓬勃发展.
  • Virtue: 大学强调一种来自反思学习和积极应用所获得的智慧的道德力量,并深化对道德操守的承诺.
  • Service: 大学重视服务,因为正义要求采取有利于人类大家庭所有成员的行动, especially the most vulnerable.

Immaculata’s Heritage

无墨丘利塔的故事始于卡米拉·马洛尼(Camilla Maloney)母亲的愿景,她想在俯瞰大峡谷的山上建立一所学院,为女性提供教育, educated in the arts and sciences, for roles of leadership and service in the new century. 1914年,这一梦想部分实现,维拉玛丽亚学院在这里成立. 仅仅六年后,宾夕法尼亚州联邦批准了一所大学的特许状. Today, after more than 100 years of growth, Immaculata欢迎女性和男性获得本科和研究生机会,将天主教思想与自由和专业教育相结合.

Our Motto

Scientia floret virtute

The University motto, which reads in Latin, Scientia floret virtute (Knowledge flourishes in virtue),表达了基督教传统中真正人文教育的理想. 拉丁文“virtute”有双重含义,即美德或权力. 它象征着一种力量,这种力量来自于深思熟虑的学习和勤奋的应用所获得的智慧. 无论人们从道德的角度还是从力量和能量的角度来看待美德这个词, 学生们自己选择的智力和道德价值观使他们能够“不断壮大”.” Liberally educated, Immaculata的毕业生已经获得了灵活性和个人价值感,这将使他们在这个属于敢于和关心的人的世界中成为谨慎的冒险者.

Our Seal

这所大学的校徽是以建校会的校徽为蓝本的, the Sisters, Servants of the Immaculate Heart of Mary. The disk is blue and white, the colors of the University, 上面刻着圣母无玷圣心,用剑刺穿,镶嵌在浅蓝色的区域上——这一细节取自修女会的印章, Servants of the Immaculate Heart of Mary. On the blue field, above the image of the heart, are twelve stars which symbolize the virtues of Mary Immaculate, patroness of the University. 在心形图像下方的蓝色区域上是该校的校训, Scientia floret virtue (Knowledge flourishes in virtue). 校训下面是五朵百合花,代表着主要的研究领域:神学/哲学, humanities, mathematics, 自然科学和社会科学,这是置于大学章程的年份, 1920.

The outer edge of the disk is white, engraved with the words, 无瑕大学(Universitas Immaculatae Universitas Immaculatae), Immaculata, Pennsylvania)

Immaculata Seal


Immaculata University is a Catholic, comprehensive, coeducational institution of higher education, founded by the Congregation of the Sisters, Servants of the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

  • In 1920, the institution was 授予了大学章程,使其成为费城地区第一所女子天主教大学. 原来的两个宿舍-教室结构现在是16个主要建筑综合体的一部分.
  • In 1969, Immaculata为男性和女性推出了一个晚间继续教育课程 in response to the needs of the local community. 1974年成立了持续教育办公室,为这些人群提供特殊服务.
  • Considered to be the birthplace of modern college women’s basketball, Immaculata is home to the Mighty Macs, who won the first three national women’s college basketball championships in 1972, 1973, and 1974. 冠军球队入选了2014年奈史密斯篮球名人堂. The team is the subject of the feature film “The Mighty Macs,” which opened nationwide in 2011.
  • In 1983, three graduate programs were inaugurated, addressing the need for graduate education in 心理学,营养教育,教育领导和管理.
  • In 1991, Immaculata’s Graduate Division 增加了音乐治疗硕士学位和临床心理学和教育领导与管理博士课程.
  • In 2002, Immaculata College received confirmation of university status and became known as Immaculata University.
  • In 2003, after in-depth studies, Immaculata大学决定欢迎男性进入其传统的本科学院, beginning fall 2005.
  • In 2023, The University’s structure now includes the College of Undergraduate Studies along with the College of Graduate Studies and Research and the College of Nursing and Health Professions.

Throughout all the change, growth and challenges, 大学一直致力于以IHM姐妹的魅力和天主教知识传统为基础的教育. Today, Immaculata大学提供超过75个研究生和本科课程, and its distinguished faculty serve a population of more than 2,500 students.

Black and white photo of building construction

Villa Maria hall under construction.


在20世纪70年代早期,Mighty Macs称霸女子大学篮球.

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Grounded in IHM tradition and charism since 1920.


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