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Registration for Immaculata University’s four-week winter session opened October 3 for current IU under研究生s and visiting students who are looking to complete major requirements, get ahead in their studies or just take an elective in a condensed format.

Immaculata winter session classes are offered 在线 at the special rate of $300 per credit—significantly less than the $465 spring and fall per-credit 学费 rate—and run from December 12 to January 6.

Popular Courses

Winter session courses are offered in various fields, including 心理学, 艺术, communication, 业务 administration, theology and more. Popular offerings include:

  • Philosophy 209: Logic and Knowledge – A required core Immaculata liberal 艺术s course focusing on argument analysis.
  • History 115: World Civilizations I – A course that explore major civilizations from ancient times to the Middle Ages while checking off Immaculata’s Historical Consciousness requirement.
  • Art 220: Art and Mindfulness Feeling – A course presenting techniques to reduce stress, improve attention, and enhance well-being through 艺术.


Students who wish to register for Immaculata’s winter session can view a list of course offerings or search for courses 在线. Current students can register directly through SSIU via MYIU, and new or visiting students can fill out the Visiting Student Application. Students who plan to 转移 credits earned during Immaculata’s winter session to their home institutions should confirm first that the courses/credits will be accepted toward their degree requirements.

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