布莉Kratz: Comfort and Connections through Music

When her niece participated in group 音乐疗法 sessions during regular hospital visits, Breanna (布莉) Kratz ’23 became interested in the therapeutic use of 音乐.

“Music is one of my main sources of comfort,” 布莉 reflected. “It grounds me and helps me grow and connect to other people.” She decided to attend Immaculata, one of just a few Pennsylvania colleges with a 音乐治疗专业.

布莉, 一个Chambersburg, 宾夕法尼亚州的本地, also appreciated that she could continue swimming competitively on Immaculata’s 女子游泳队. “I fell in love with IU, and it was pretty much my only choice,” she said. “我注定要在这里.”

When 布莉 co-led 音乐 on a parish retreat, one of the songs she learned was “Emma’s Lullaby,” named for the composer’s niece. “I play it on the piano or guitar, and I play it when I’m stressed, and I can instantly feel less overwhelmed,布里说.

It’s easy to get overwhelmed at times, even though 布莉 enjoys her studies and activities. On top of majoring in 音乐疗法 and swimming, she is a member of Immaculata’s honor society and is minoring in 心理学. 今年, she will be taking 研究生-level 音乐疗法 courses at IU and serving as president of the honor society, captain of the women’s swimming team, mentor for first-year students and personal relations representative for Immaculata’s 音乐疗法 club.

In recognition of 布莉’s 领导 and service at Immaculata, she will receive the Saint Catherine Medal in September. The award is sponsored by Kappa Gamma Pi, a national honor society for 研究生s of Catholic colleges, and the medal is named for Saint Catherine of Alexandria, 谁代表智慧, fortitude and Christian service. “I hope that I can continue to be worthy of this honor and to display these values of St. Catherine throughout and beyond my years at Immaculata,” 布莉 commented.

布莉 has developed connections with coaches, professors and friends who support her and help her take care of herself. She has learned to take the time to have a jam session and enjoy what she’s doing so she stays grounded.

“I live a pretty fast-paced life, with everything I do,” she said. “My advisors check in with me and encourage me, 说, ‘I know you can do it; you’ve done well so far.’ They are both really supportive in making sure I can achieve what I want to achieve while I’m here.”

Swim practice gives 布莉 a rest from mental effort and allows her to release stress through physical effort. She has noticed that her mentality shifts during swim meets—though she may be tired after her classes, getting into the water and seeing her teammates energizes her.

布莉 also feels energized when she visits her niece, who always asks her to play the piano and sing with her, 通常“闪烁, 闪烁, Little Star” and “Emma’s Lullaby,” which 布莉 taught her. “I see her personality come to life,” she notes.

During her 音乐疗法 practicum last year, 布莉 worked with children with disabilities. “One of my favorite interventions to do with the kids was our drumming improvisations, where each child was given the opportunity to play however they would like, and the rest of the group would copy them. This intervention was great for turn-taking, following and listening to classmates and self-expression, 举几个例子. Working in this setting allowed me to grow my clinical repertoire and grow my skills more than I had anticipated. It has given me a new and stronger passion for my studies, and I am thrilled to continue this journey with my classmates and advisors.”


布莉Kratz was featured in a story in the Western PA Sports Blog. 阅读更多.



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